Salads to share

Plates and rations

Baztan Tomato- Tomato from Baztan Valley (only in its season).

Warm salad- mixed lettuce, smoked salmon, “gulas”, prawns, and bacon in virgin olive oil.


Cesar- mixed lettuce, chicken, boiled ham, bacon, tomato, onion, black olives and croutons with cesar sauce.


Special- chicory, escarole, white beans, avocado, corn, parsley, pepers, English sauce and lemon juice.

Alcalde- canons, endive, carrots, dried tomatos, peppers, white cream cheese, double cream, nuts and chives.

Plates and rations
To share

Anchovies in olive oil- 6 great selection magnificient anchovies

Anchovy in vinegar- 6-8 Anchovies in vinegar.


Smoked anchovy


Tuna belly


Basque chilli peppers


Gernika peppers


Fried artichokes with Iberian ham.




Assortment of croquets – Iberian ham, codfish

and meat. 6 units.

Lamb sweetbreads. – Fried lamb sweetbreads.

Galician octopus

Grilled shrimp- With mayonnaise and garlic sauce.

Alcalde Potatoes- Patatas bravas/ali-oli

Fried broken eggs –With iberian ham, Txistorra or black pudding.


Scrambled eggs with mushroom.


Vegetable stew


Artichokes with ham.

Plates to share 



Veal cheeks


Bull stew






Squid in its own ink sauce


Candied tuna belly

Alcalde Special- Iberian charcuterie and different cheeses selection.


Cheese platter-“Kamiku” (D.O. Vertiz), “Agour” ( D.O. Iraty) nad “smoked belai”(D.O. Smoked Idiazabal).


Iberian Ham platter- 100% Iberian “bellota” (acorn) D.O. Guijuelo reserva.


Salchicon platter (similar to salami)- Iberian salchichon  D.O. Guijuelo.


Chorizo platter-Iberian Chorizo D.O.  Guijuelo.


Loin platter- Iberian loin D.O. Guijuelo.

Basque Patés platter- Campagne al p.espellette, black pudding and duck mouse paté (served with confit onion, confiture and toasted bread).


Mixed platter- Iberian ham and cheese.

Smoked platter- Salmon, anchovy and mackerel and toasted bread with olive oil.