Casa Alcalde has always been bonded to the world of bullfighting, a relationship that can be seen through the old bullfighting posters in the walls of our bar, and that we want to share with you via this page. Th


The `posters are distributed the next way: The most historic part of the building, where the dining tables are located, is decorated with more than a hundred years old posters.  Just in front of the Pintxos bar, we cand find the posters of hte province of Guipuzcoa (Azpeitia, EIbar...), togehter with some posters of cities such like Seville or Santander...that have been chosen due to their pictorial value. 

As soon as you get into the bar, on the left side, there are three referent bullfighting posters: Pamplona with a photo of the "encierro", Manoletes death poster in 1974 and a big art noveau poster and unique in San Sebastian. On the right side, que can find photographies of the evolution of Casa Alcalde through the ages